Drum motor. Power transmission using drum motors with rubber coating and profiles applied is possible. Please enquire. Scale 1:1. Belt types. Siegling Prolink.


Bei vielen Anwendungen sind konventionelle Transportbänder aufgrund ihrer Bauart ungeeignet. Siegling Prolink Kunststoff-Modulbänder stellen in diesen Fällen 

Modules within individual product series can easily be combined. As a result, Siegling Prolink modular belts can be customized to suit individual conveying and processing tasks. Siegling Prolink plastic modular belts can be used for a variety of conveying and processing jobs. The modules are flexibly connected with one another and made endless by inserting hinge pins.

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Plastic modular belts: Siegling Prolink 4. Timing belts: Siegling Proposition 5. Tools & equipment 6. Calculation programme : Download & Study PDF: 1. Siegling Transtex Product Range: 2. Siegling Prolink Modulars Product Range: 3. Siegling Link Pack Prolink Series 8 with a slip-resistant surface WorKer belts FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE InDUSTRY Siegling Prolink series 8 is the right choice when industrial applications require durable components and high levels of power transmission.

metal   Titel. 224 Siegling Transilon Product Range. 223 Siegling Prolink Plastic modular belts.

siegling prolink modular belts Forbo Siegling GmbH Lilienthalstraße 6/8, D-30179 Hannover Phone +49 511 6704 0 www.forbo-siegling.com, siegling@forbo.com

Siegling – total belting solutions PROLINK SERIES 18 A POWERFUL PERFORMER THAT STAYS THE COURSE siegling prolink modular belts W Ref. no. 918-2 08/20 · UDH · Reproduction of text or parts thereof only with our approval. Here Prolink often takes on processing jobs that go above and beyond actual conveying.

Our brands include Siegling Transilon Conveyor Belting, Siegling Extremultus Flat Belts, Siegling Proposition Timing Belts, Siegling Prolink Plastic Modular 

Siegling prolink

1,093 likes · 11 talking about this · 70 were here. As a leading company in quality flat belts, conveyor and processing belts, Forbo Siegling has a huge Forbo Movement Systems | 5,800 followers on LinkedIn. Siegling - total belting solutions | Forbo Movement Systems is a leading global manufacturer of high quality conveyor and processing belts The new series 14-25 FRT1 Prolink modular belt variant was developed for applications requiring exceptionally good and secure grip. At the same time, these belts need to be able to operate over nose bars with very small return diameters (>= 19mm) without any limitations or vibrations when they pass over pulleys or belt transfer gaps. These sorts of challenging applications occur, e.g Microsoft Siegling Prolink can offer various different module designs, materials and accesso-ries, all combinable with one another. So Siegling Prolink modular belts can be customised to suit the conveying or production job in question.

Das bedeutet: variable Breiten und Längen; einfache Reparatur; geringe Lagerhaltung; Bestehende Anlagen können problemlos auf Siegling Prolink umgerüstet werden.
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Modular belts are robust and durable.

siegling prolink modular belts Plastic modular belting for nonwoven conveying An upgrade for reliable and efficient production Where fabric belts and lattice conveyors work well, Siegling Prolink modular belts are often superior: in production lines, as a substitute for lattice conveyors, in infeed and mixing lines. siegling prolink.
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Siegling Gulf has very firm believe and commitment that to promote Siegling Gmbh Conveyor belts: Siegling Transilon Plastic modular belts: Siegling Prolink

The individual modules are flexibly con- nected with one another and made end- less by inserting hinge pins. Modular variety in seven series Siegling Prolink Calculation Program requires write and read privileges on its own installation directory, which you should request your system administrator to set up. Alternatively you can request key user status. Designed for high levels of power transmission and durability, Siegling’s Prolink series 8.1 is the right choice for numerous industrial applications and ideal for reliable and gentle transfer of heavy products. Siegling – total belting solutions PROLINK SERIES 18 A POWERFUL PERFORMER THAT STAYS THE COURSE siegling prolink modular belts W Ref. no. 918-2 08/20 · UDH · Reproduction of text or parts thereof only with our approval.