Sep.24 -- NIO Inc., China's home-grown answer to electric-car maker Tesla Inc., of declining vehicle deliveries and a revenue forecast for the second quarter 


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9 Wall Street analysts that have issued a 1 year NIO price target, the average NIO price target is $58.46, with the highest NIO stock price forecast at $80.30 and the lowest NIO stock price forecast at $38.80. NIO Target Price Projection NIO's current and average target prices are 38.12 and 50.82, respectively. The current price of NIO is the price at which NIO Inc is currently trading. On the other hand, NIO's target price is what analysts think the stock is worth or could sell for in the future.

Nio 400 price target

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This rating represents a strong Buy recommendation, on the scale from 1 to 5, where 5 would mean strong sell, 4 represents Sell, 3 is Hold, and 2 indicates Buy. NIO Inc. ADR analyst ratings, historical stock prices, earnings estimates & actuals. NIO updated stock price target summary. 2020-11-18 · Wall Street has a new biggest Nio bull as Bank of America doubles price target Published Wed, Nov 18 2020 10:33 AM EST Updated Wed, Nov 18 2020 10:54 AM EST Pippa Stevens @PippaStevens13 04/10/2021. NIO stock price stood at $38.12. According to the latest long-term forecast, NIO price will hit $50 by the middle of 2021 and then $70 by the end of 2022. NIO will rise to $100 within the year of 2023, $125 in 2024, $150 in 2025 and $200 in 2029.

NIO fell 13 percent to $43.29 on Tuesday as US stocks suffered a broad sell-off, with the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index down 1.69 percent. 2020-11-21 · Reasons for optimism.

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JP Morgan analysts led by Nick Lai said in a report on Thursday that they maintain an optimistic view on NIO's long-term outlook and raised their above-market price target to $50 from a previous $46 to reflect adjusted earnings estimates and above-par performance. Close price at the end of the last trading day (Friday, 9th Apr 2021) of the NIO stock was $38.12.

De ger riktkurser om 5 200 dollar (4 000) respektive 4 400 (4 155), enligt Rivian har fått in 2,65 miljarder dollar från bland annat T. Rowe Price, Fidelity Management, 12/15/2020 9:41:28 AM - FTC kräver nio techbolag på svar kring insamling av 9/29/2020 12:51:15 PM - Target utmanar Amazons Prime Day med egna 

Nio 400 price target

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This famous investor came up with a valuation of 300B USD market cap for NIO, which would cor 2020-11-17 · My previous model for NIO stock produced a $60 long-term price target. That model assumed that NIO commanded ~8% market share of the Chinese EV market by 2030, leading to around one million 2020-10-14 · JP Morgan analysts led by Nick Lai raised their price target on NIO sharply to $40 in a report released on Wednesday. NIO shares closed at $21.62 on Tuesday, and JP Morgan's price target means NIO has 85% upside potential.
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Overall, while Yu rates NIO a Buy, the recent strong rally has pushed the stock price slightly above his $50 price target. (To watch Yu’s track record, click here) The rest of Wall Street has similar expectations; the $50.20 average price target is nearly identical to Yu’s.

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