When editing a Drag-drop into text or Select missing words question, the lables for each choice should be Choice [ ], Choice [ ], to match the [ ], [ ] placeholders that are present in the question text.


When editing a Drag-drop into text or Select missing words question, the lables for each choice should be Choice [ ], Choice [ ], to match the [ ], [ ] placeholders that are present in the question text.

This is a very good Missing words in the question text are filled in using drag and drop. These questions Select missing words. Missing words 8 Mar 2017 Note: "Drag and drop" and "select missing words" questions cannot be regraded. Grades that have been manually overridden cannot be  You can select a category where your questions will be stored. The descriptions are provided by the Moodle documentation site. Description: A drag-and-drop question type where missing words, provided by the quiz maker, have to be OU Multiple Response; Embedded (Cloze); Random Short-Answer; Select Missing Words.

Moodle select missing words question

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The number(s) in the double square brackets indicate the correct answer(s) based on … Select Missing Words These questions contain drop-down lists of possible answer choices embedded within text. Students must select the correct word or phrase from these lists given the text. See Select Missing Words Questions in Moodle 2020-03-13 Click the 'Create a new question' box and select "Select missing words". In the Choices, type four words and add two words to Group 1 and two words to Group 2; In the question text box, type a sentence or two including the words, replaced by [[1]], [[2]] etc, corresponding to their numbers in the Choices.

Question Set-Up.

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So the student can enter a numeric or short text answer or choose an answer or answer(s) from using a select box, check boxes or radio boxes. You can make other 24 Feb 2017 Select missing word questions. This question type is similar to the drag and drop into text type, but instead of dragging, students select the  Moodle will display text between the curly braces as responses.

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Moodle select missing words question

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Main page Managing a Moodle course Questions Select missing words question type. This is very similar to the Drag and drop into text question type, but uses drop-down menus in the text instead of drag-boxes. This works well where the question text is very long, so you would have to scroll a lot to do drag and drop. Add the question to the text editor, using any formatting you wish. Use double square brackets '[[n]]' with a number in place of the word you wish the students to find: Add the missing words or phrases in the correctly numbered boxes in the 'Choice' section. (You may add extra ones to make the question harder. To select the correct answer, put the number of the correlating choice in brackets in your question text.
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Your task is to select the missing word from the options given to you. You will get full marks if you select the correct option.

Moodle plugin questions.
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Like a matching question but created randomly from the short answer questions in a particular category. Select missing words. Missing words in the question text are filled in using dropdown menus. This is a very good format to use as there are no reported issues with dropdown activities in Moodle. Description. This is not actually a question.

Choice 1 corresponds with [ ], Choice 2 with [ ], etc. Duplicate choices are not interchangeable when completing the question, so do not require the same missing word twice.